Saturday, March 16, 2013

Off in a far away land

  It's been almost  a year since my last post
and for some reason, 
I felt compelled to post something today.

  I'm not sure why
 but without questioning it
 I just decided to jot down my thoughts 
and allow them to echo 
and bounce around 
my little on-line journal. 

Maybe it's a sign that I should start creating  for myself again. 

On occasion, I have stopped painting, drawing and collaging 
 for a stretch of time.
I'm not sure if any other artists feel this way,
 but it's almost as if I have to allow the field that I've farmed to rest.

 It has been quiet and still for a very long time 
but lately there has been some rustling and a bit of movement.
 Something may have started to grow
in that garden that I have let rest for so long.

It's not that I haven't been creative or creating. 

Photo styling by Debbie Egizio for Plow and Hearth
 I do a great deal of creating in my career as a photo stylist.

 Photo styling by Debbie Egizio for Plow and Hearth

I can express myself creatively at work,

Photo styling by Debbie Egizio for Plow and Hearth

I just haven't been able to create anything for myself on my own time .

 For the past, year and a half, 
whenever I have attempted to go into my little studio, 
I would pause then walk away 
as if there was an invisible force field stopping me from entering 
and retrieving any materials with which I could create
some magical little somethings. 

 So, no magical little anythings have been created
 in a very long, long time.  
They have been sleeping in my head
and were just not ready at all to be awakened.
So, I let them sleep, as they must have needed the rest. 

 I did not protest the invisible force field this entire time. 
 I knew that when I was ready
something certainly would start to happen. 
 I think maybe those magical little creations
are just beginning to rub the sleep out of their eyes.
 I say that because the other week
 I attempted to go into my little studio
to retrieve some artful materials
and to my surprise,
 the invisible force field seemed to have dissipated.  

I was actually creating in my studio 
and little glimmers of magical fairy dust landed here 

 and there.  

So, maybe I'll return to my blogging world and share some of my creative somethings  

as they begin to re-emerge, awaken and grow.  

It's been a fallow field for about a year and a half 
and I am certain that it's due to the fact that I moved right around a year and a half ago.
 I moved  far away from the land where I was born and raised
  to an unfamiliar, yet lovely, new land 

where many of our fore fathers once lived and impacted the surroundings. 

 I started a new job in my career and moved to a place where everything was new to me.  
Maybe now  I am starting to feel  adjusted and at home. 
 I don't know. 
I'm just aware of when I can and cannot create for myself 
and it usually indicates something needs to be worked through. 
 So, I let it be until the time is right.  
I hope the time is right to create for myself 
as I am curious to see who or what
 will come out of my imagination 
after such a long slumber.  
Now it's late in the evening 
and while my imagination may be starting to awaken, 
it is time for me to get some real sleep. 
Goodnight to anyone who may have stumbled upon my neglected blog.  
Thanks so much for stopping by. 


somepinkflowers said...

{{ thinking of you, sweetie
LOVE how you are
~* photo styling*~

Perfection !!

sending warm thoughts
to you
my little roundy~headed friends
live up there
in your world ...

sometimes we just NEED
to hibernate
wait wait
for the Right Time

to awake ... }}

Debbie Egizio said...

Oh my friend, Miss Pink Flowers, it is so nice to hear from you. I thought for certain that all of my blog friends had forgotten about my little blog as did I. Thank you for stopping by and saying a warm hello. I sure do miss the blog world. I shall try to return more regularly with my roundy friends as they begin to awaken. Ta ta, sweet friend!!

somepinkflowers said...