Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Creative Connection

Well, I'm back from my magical Minneapolis adventure.  I made it into Minnesota on Tuesday and then arrived at the Creative Connection bright and early Wednesday morning to set up my table in the Handmade market.

  I was fortunate enough to have the help of my brother who lives in town.  He assisted in unloading all of the boxes and display pieces that were packed into my car.  Then once I was settled he went off and helped some of my neighboring vendors with their boxes and things.  What a good egg he is to have helped so many people at the show. 

After I was set up I had a chance to walk around a bit and meet some of the other vendors.  The show opened on Wednesday and ran until Saturday. During that time I met so many amazing and creative women.  I just loved all of the girls that I got to know over those 4 days.  I became fast friends with the super talented Linda Lane.  She happened to be the first artist that I met at the show.  I was completely taken by her gorgeous works of mixed media art.  You have to stop by her blog and see a sample of her work.  You'll squeal with happiness.  Here is her link  http://www.lindalandsflutter.blogspot.com/ 

I really wish that I could post pictures of the show and all of the beautiful things that I saw but as luck would have it, my camera pooped out on me just in time for the show.  Sometimes I really think technology has it out for me.  
Anyway, I am hoping that my new friends will let me post some of their images so that I can show you just how wonderful this show was.  The handmade market was filled with the most amazing artisans who all created beautiful displays and lovely works of items for sale.  It was filled with magical fairy dust, glitter and all of the things that dreams are made of.  I will write more in the days to come and share the links of all of my wonderful new friends and finds.  You'll love what I discovered while I was there.  I promise to share some sort of images so that my words don't overwhelm. 
In the mean time, here are a few  of my latest creations that I brought to the show. 

My paper flowers in vintage items

Floating flowers
in wooden boxes that I made myself....
by hand. ;)

and a vintage box that I embellished with
my little hand-made and hand painted items
and other vintage finds. 

Well, bye my sweet friends.
I'll be back to share more goodness from the Handmade market at The Creative Connection


Jan Bush-Wood said...

It was so nice to meet you at Creative Connection.
I have the photos I took of you and your booth. I am attempting to blog about the show. Talk about technology being against you...ditto!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Loved meeting you in person Debbie and I love, love, love my painting! It's getting a beautiful frame put on it this week and soon I will be able to hang it in my new creative space.

Stay in touch and I will too.

Ciao bella,

Debbie Egizio said...

Jan it was so nice meeting you as well and learning about your charming doll creations. I'll have to stop by and check out your post about the Creative Connection.

Suzanne, I just loved meeting you in person as well. You are so sweet and I'm so honored that you will be hanging my painting in your studio space. You will have to send me pictures. ;)