Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis Minnesota

The Creative Connection Event
I want to share some wonderful information about the Creative Connection event that will be taking place this September in Minneapolis Minnesota. It's a 3-day conference, crafting extravaganza and shopping emporium for creative women, women entrepreneurs created by Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham of WHERE WOMEN CREATE MAGAZINE.

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION will bring together women who are passionate about being creative in their everyday lives as artists, mothers, bloggers, cooks, business owners and crafters. Come learn, create, market, shop and connect with like-minded women from all across the United States!

I'm so excited to announce that
I will be selling my art at this event!
It takes place on September 15-18 Check out the website for lots of exciting information about the event and fun and creative things to do in the Minneapolis area.
Click on the link below for more information
Please join us if you can!  I'm certain that it will be a memorable time.
There will be presentations by creative women entrepreneurs, classes, demos,
art for sale and so much more. 
Take part in this fabulous event and


Italian Girl in Georgia said...

I will stop by and see you! I am a featured designer at the Editorial Breakfast. Looking so forward to all the good stuff that will be happening that weekend, and especially meeting everyone {or almost everyone!}.

See you in three weeks.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

This sounds like an awesome event ot attend . you are lucky to go and sell too !!!

Cindy Dean said...

Debbie we will get to met in person! I am going so I am sure we will meet up at some point and I will be stopping by your booth!

somepinkflowers said...

i will not BE there
i do love your art*work


{{ well
you knew ALL
already }}

Merisi said...

Exciting news!
Wished I could come and visit you and other fellow artists.
Good luck and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, I had not noticed before in my searches!
Continue the great work!

Leann said...

Fantastic!! Won't be able to make it but looking forward to hearing all about it. Good luck and take pics so i can see your booth.
Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

I saw you at Creative Connection.
I love your art.
I was entered to be a vendor and had to back out due to family stuff.
I loved your art work, and look forward to following your path.