Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it me or is it you?

There is something about human expression that I love to capture in my art.  When I set out to create a piece, I have to make a connection with the character that is coming to visit me on the page.  Emotion needs to come through as the face takes shape, the eyes must speak to me
and the character must make some sort of interesting impression on me.

While they are coming to life, I often imagine what they could be thinking. 
 Most of them are in deep thought. 
Many are philosophers and dreamers
who are empathetic and understanding, 
 some are silly and others are a bit refined. 

When I look at the characters that I have created, I see the interesting faces that I have encountered throughout my lifetime. 

I see the faces of my lifetime but everyone else seems to think that I draw myself. 

I'm certain that aspects of  myself enter into each work of art that I create  
 but when I look at the faces that I've created
I don't see myself,
I see a lifetime of interesting people who have crossed my path. 



somepinkflowers said...

was wondering
you saw the face
a birthday girl?


do ya?
do ya,huh?




Debbie Egizio said...

I do Bonnie. I see her face. She had a wonderful birthday.

Thanks sweet girl.