Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Earthy Fashions For the Home and the Girl

I just love the color combination of brown and green.
 They are both neutral colors and look so very lovely together.
 Here are some examples of pretty things I found in this earthy color scheme.

What could be more cozy than a fun pair of warm socks from Sock Dreams?
The color is so great!

Look at this adorable woodlands creature from Mahar Dry Goods
He is too cute!!

Don't you love this patterned chocolate chair from anthropologie?
I think it's elegant and playful at the same time.

I really like this tulip on green fabric Chair from Main Cottage.
It's so fresh and clean looking.

Here's a pretty 1970's Dress from viva vintage clothing

I think it would look fabulous paired with
these rose embellished shoes from anthropologie

I found these Natural Holiday trees from Viva Terra.
They are perfect for the season and this post!
Very natural and neutral. ;)

I think this bedding from viva terra
looks so comfy and pretty.
 That scalloped edge is flirty and playful, it gives the stripes a bit of whimsy
making a masculine pattern feel a bit more feminine.

This floral Rug from Company C
is absolutely gorgeous!  I really love the pattern.

Look at this amazing 1970's coat from Posh Vintage
It's perfect for today's fashions.

The pattern on these shoes
and the detail on this Amazing Bird Art make me flip. 
Aren't they the coolest? 
Both are available at Anthropologie.

So, does this put you in the mood for a walk in the forest?
 I ask because, as I looked at this post,
 it reminded me of the moss covered ground in the forest preserve.

Hope you all have a very lovely day!


somepinkflowers said...

welll, missy,
this puts me in the mood
for a walk through
with my Good Friend
American Express Card.


you always
have the best eye for color!

{{ PS--i found you again
on my cable box!
i forgot you were there
with your roundy-headed aRt
in the Windy City
and i said 2 myself----> hummmm...
what show is this i have recorded?
it was you
and most likely
i will never ever erase it
because i was so proud of how well you explained your aRt
and how cute it was
all. }}

sherry ♥ lee said...

Green and brown look so cool together. It's not a combination I think of yet when I see what you've gathered here I want most all of it!!!

Renee said...

I love the brown and green together, never even thought of it before.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh. That is a pretty combination. And now I must investigate Anthropologie's shoe selection!

dec0r8or said...

OMG I LOVE that chair you posted from Anthropologie....that fabric is to DIE for!

rochambeau said...

Very nice!
Love the combo of green and brown. Also the colors separate. Odd shades of green are my fav!


Merisi said...

That truly was a beautiful walk through nature's many colors and moods! The chocolate chair would be fabulous to have around: Any time the chocolate craving strikes, go sit in that chair instead of eating!