Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

I was going through my portfolio and found an image that I thought would be fun to share for the first day of spring. Aren't we all just longing for some beautiful flowers to start blooming in the garden?!! Well, if your region of the country isn't quite warm enough for flowers to start blooming, here is an easy way to bring some flowers into your life by transforming an entry wall to look like a gigantic floral painting.
For this project, I used Wallies, oversized Wallpaper flower heads to create the illusion of a giant floral painting. I started by painting the wall with a drip paint treatment to mimic a painted canvas. I then determined the layout of my floral stems and painted the stems onto the wall. After the paint dried, I applied the Wallies flower heads onto the wall using a little water and a smoothing tool. It's that easy!!
Happy spring everyone! Now go treat yourself to some flowers today!!


LiLi M. said...

Whow this has turned out great! And what a great idea to use wallpaper for starters. Have a spring day every day!

somepinkflowers said...

i would be sooooo happy
to have those
on my wall.



wait wait....
YOU did that?
that is your wall?
that means those are your cutie~pie shoes there
on the rug...

very cool.

sherry lee said...

This is awesome Debbie....a little paint, a little imagination and some work and voila...your wall becomes a canvas...very inspiring!! When I'm out today I'm buying some spring flowers...and I'll be looking at my entryway in a whole new way today!!

Rrramone said...

Very cool!! :-)

julie king said...

omg, that is just delightful!!! you are uber-talented!

Alison Gibbs said...


rochambeau said...

Adore your new Spring wall!
You are such a creative girl.
Did you also make that shoe on the floor?
I'd like to see that bigger if possible.

Happy Spring to you Debbie!

krisztina maros said...

wow it's wonderful! thank you for sharing!

Roberta said...

This is awesome!

Kate said...

OooooooOOooOo...I love this Deb! So pretty and fun.