Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rosy fashions for the home and for the girl

The rose is such a perfectly elegant creation.
Each delicate flower is tightly wrapped in layers of silky soft petals that are rich in color and aroma, like a little gift of sweetness waiting to be opened.
The rose is a true beauty queen of the flower family.
Do you agree?
Well, I agree and I also believe that this floral icon deserves some recognition.
So, in honor of this pretty lady of the garden I found a lovely assortment of rosy inspired finds that I would like to share with you.
I hope it brings sweetness to your day!
The Graham and Brown Flowering rose Wallpaper is so pretty and fresh.
I believe that the simplicity of this design enhances this floral icon!

This Lavender Rose Soap available at Lavender Fields is packaged with a clean and elegant style.
I'm sure it smells Divine!

The China rose curtains by Designer's Guild is so classic and modern all in the same breath.
It would look beautiful in any home!
I love the China Rose Cassis by Designer's Guild in this bold color way too.
It would make quite a colorful statement!

Who wouldn't want to slip into the soft Beach Rose Pajama's by Pine Cone Hill.
Does it make you want to curl up in bed with a good book?
I'm sure that if you stepped foot on this Bed of Roses rug by Kaffee Fassett, it would feel like your toes just smiled.

This Albrooke quilt by Pine Cone Hill looks like a member of the royal family would have this in their sleeping quarters.
I'm sure that you'd feel like royalty with this beauty on your bed.

Oh, look at this beautiful Marseille French rose soap!
I think it looks too pretty to use!
available at Lavender Fields.

What about this pair of 1970's Halston Rose Shoes by Posh Vintage, don't you think that they would round out a fabulous ensemble?!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing the world through my rose colored post!
Have a wonderful day my friends!!


Marty said...

Thanks for sharing all of the pretty rose inspirations!

I'm still looking for them babies did you make any more?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh, I love all of them!
I so enjoyed your rosy post! And I really want those rose PJ's. They look so pretty and comfy too!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great post!

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Ahhh! Love your rose picks. That rose dress is stunning and I wish I could gobble up that French rose soap. My husband calls our roses crunch berries when the cat tracks them all through our house. It's like a delightful cat path :)

Kate said...

From now on, you are my wardrobe coordinator!!! : )

Jen r. said...

I think the roses by Debbie Egizio are my favorite? I wonder why?
:) Jen

Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds! I like the pj's and the rose colored dress:) And I love the smell of rose soap..mmm! Our roses have just started to bloom this week..finally!

shiborigirl said...

Roses are my favorite flower, but I LOVE, love, LOVE the Halston shoes!! I mean, what perfect bling for your feet.

Thanks for visiting my blog recently.


Diana Evans said...

oh what fun Debbie....I love pink and I love all things rosey...

Distressing Delilah said...

My faves are the curtain and the dress...awesome!

kim said...

I want that pendant lamp!!!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

What beautiful things! I would like to have each and everyone!

I too like anything rose.

Anonymous said...

OOO! Roses! My heart..I am giving you an award..'baby' is in my pocketbook and I show her to everyone!!
xxoo Denise

Dapoppins said...

ummmm. You make me want to spend money!

rochambeau said...

SO creative and nice, so you. Thank's~