Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lavender Fashions for the Home and the Girl

I really enjoy the soft and subtle hue's of a dusty lavender, fresh raspberry and beautiful creamy white. When they are combined on a color palette, I think they look good enough to eat. So, here are some of my tasty looking finds in these cool subtle colors.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Pretty Peony Dinnerware by Vietri

Dash and Albert Cameo Roses Rug

Design's By Jayne Lavender evening bag

Primitive Fish Tile by Maine Cottage

Edge of Urge's charming Sweetheart Dress

Testoni shoes from Zappo's

Aren't these soft summer colors so lovely?


Jen r. said...

Love the rugs and the dresses! Great stuff.... Love your art piece too! Jen R

Anonymous said...

All of these are beautiful items in a sophisticated color palette! I really like the peony platter and the pale lavender bag by Designs by Jane. And of your artwork..her face does indeed look like that of a wise woman:)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Gorgeous, peaceful colors. And that dress! I love it!

somepinkflowers said...

she who grows in wisdom
be smiling bigger
if she had those Testoni shoes
from zappos.


i know i always smile bigger
after i send them in an order...

{{ i like those dusty colors
you featured here, too,
as they make me feel
romantically restful
and femininely classic }}

Gillian said...

I loved this post!
Right up my street!!!
Cameo and roses, YES!
The sweetheart dress, double yes. I must own one.
It must be mine.

Random York said...

Debbie! Your blog is so beautiful! (sigh) You have the color gift!- John

bleeding espresso said...

Love love love these colors and what you, in particular, have done with them. I can feel the cool summer breezes around me just looking at these photos :)

rochambeau said...

Yes you are right! A very pretty color combo. Very soft, yet bold and daring at the same time.
Like your piece~ She Grew In Wisdom very much Debbie!

Have a creative afternoon!

julie king said...

lovely, lovely, lovely! your piece is nice and engaging!

3rdEyeMuse said...

"She Grew in Wisdom" is my favorite of the bunch, but I have to admit the shoes did make me quiver, just a little. :)

ValGalArt said...

gorgeous melange of pretties, Debbie! I love your painting :)

PAT said...

Beautiful images as always, Debbie! I especially like the rugs and "She Grew in Wisdom".

I've just published my 200th post and hope you can come by to sign up for the little giveaway, in honor of the occasion.

Have a great week!

Diana Evans said...

wonderful photos Debbie!!! I love the subtle shades too and those shoes are awesome!!!

Laura said...

That color palette is gorgeous Debbie, fab photos as always! Love your 'she grew in wisdom" and I see you that you've also posted your 6 word memoir - I believe it fits you perfectly!! :>

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful! Love your Wisdom Girl! And that big ole pup!
Sandra Evertson