Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beautiful Bedding!

Oh, poor tired me! I didn't get very much sleep last night. I was up until all hours preparing for the Altered Book II class that I'm teaching tonight. I'd really just love to find some pretty place to rest my weary little brain.

Hey, what's this?
Could it be what I was just daydreaming about?

Do you think I should take a little nap on this fresh Peony bedding by Pine Cone Hill?
I'm sure that I would have sweet dreams of juicy watermelon delights.

Maybe I should try this one.
It's called Pajama Party by Pine Cone Hill!
If I do I'll have to put on my best PJ's.

How about if I lay my head on this Addison Quilt by The Company Store?
Will I dream about cubism if I do?

Maybe I should take a quick nap at the Block Party by Pine Cone Hill.
I know that my dreams would be fun filled.

This "What a dish quilt" by Denyse Schmidt would make me dream of raspberry swirls.
Should I give it a whirl?

Well, I'm really feeling a bit like that curious young girl, little Miss Goldie Locks.
I think that I want to try each and everyone of these lovely, plush and inviting beds.

Look here!
I could curl up in this comfortable looking Serape Stripe Quilt by The Company Store.

Or, I could try this fun lavender and green number.
I'm sure that I would feel cool and refreshed in this Clean crisp bedding by Company C.

Oh wow!!
Now we're talking!
This hammock
would be so perfect for a sweet slumbery retreat.

I could swing myself to sleep in this fabulous Fabio Mountaineer Hammock from Island Hammocks

I think I'll take them all!!
Good night friends! ;)


somepinkflowers said...


i was going to leave
a comment...

but now...

i think
i'll go take a nap...


{{ i want that hammock
i might never
get out of it
from dozzzing }}

A Fanciful twist said...

I am in bedding bliss overload!!! Calgon, take me away!!! LOVE IT!! Miss Debbie, can you e-mail me?? XOXOXO

Jen r. said...

Oh... sigh.. I would

Diana Evans said...

great post Debbie...makes me want to head to bed!!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! Yawn! I didn't sleep last night either and that last hammock looks really good to me! So does the pink bed at the top!!

Lisa said...

Wow, they're all spectacular. I just can't pick one. Beautiful selections and photos.

Hmm, I'm off now to go make up my own (drab-looking) bed.

Have a great weekend!

rochambeau said...

Now, all these pretty beds make me want to take a nap! My fav? The one with the mosquito netting! I've never met a girl with so many beds to choose from.

Hope your class went well Debbie!


Sherry/Cherie said...

My baby has arrived....and we're so blessed!!!

julie king said...

i love all the pink and green combinations! you have great taste!!!

jessica said...

wow, so much to choose from. anyone will do. i do like the hammock with the cushy pillows.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh I love that first bedding photo - so soft and pretty

Dapoppins said...

Will Fabio be in the hammock? Because I am not ashamed to say I think he still looks great for his age...

and all that other stuff...I wish my bedroom was that tidy...

Kate said...

A perfect way to finish my blog visits tonite.....and head to bed! They are all so beautiful!

Tempest said...

AWESOME designs of those bedding sets!! Colorful bedding sets are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

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