Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's a Mad Tea Party story! Help yourself to some tasty tea and treats!

It's a celebration of sorts by a Fanciful Twist and all of her adoring fans.

The Invitations are out, the tea has been brewed, now every thing's ready except for the food.

I close my eyes and wait

hoping none of my guest will be late.

Oh what shall I do?

I can't sit here like this!

I think I'll pick up a looking glass and pose a quizzical question to ponder

and make myself wonder

who will be coming to my party.

"Mirror Mirror in my hand who will be the first to arrive to my tea party from blogland??"


What is that I hear?

Did you say that my guests are so very near.

Why yes!
Look there on the wall!
Look there my dear!!

Your very first guest is about to appear.

And here she is!

Through the looking glass she's come

in all of her splendid Regal Glory.

It's The Queen of Hearts,
A very big part of this story.

I should have known that she would be first on the scene.

but now she is followed by someone who's mean.

The next to arrive through the looking glass is.....

her terrible two faced cousin,
Mean Miss Liz
a.k.a. the Knave or thief of hearts.

Hey, here comes the countess, the countess of hearts
Don't worry she's nice, but not from these parts.

Thank goodness!
My first guests are here!
But now I see a new face is near.

Yes, I see some movement in the tiny looking glass of the friendly fairy's home.

A friendly face is what I see. ......

the face of a tiny green gnome.

I welcome that cute, petite man. What the hey!
Come on through, I say!

Come on on through for the day!
He comes through the looking glass with patience and care.
Then points with his finger and shouts,
"What a strange pair!!! "

I look to the left
and then to the right
oh goodness, oh my
they are quite a sight

Haven't seen the likes of this since last I drank rum

look who just arrived,

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

I welcome you all to this mighty fine party!
So, let's go get started the others are tardy.
Make yourselves right at home.
now, let's be off to the parlor for tea and some fun.

Follow me

Follow me

if you please

to a tea party prepared for you


 the bees.

They took such great care and delight
in getting things ready for three days and one night.
They worked very hard as little bees do

to make it all pretty and lovely for you.

I look all around and in every detail

a bird or bee will be found without fail.

A cute pair of Robins sing a song just for me.

A giant Queen helps with the serving of tea,

while the other bees sit, smiling happily.

Well, I think
yes, I think
that it's time for a drink!

I will sample the tea in the pot with the spout that is pink

I would like to stir some honey into my tea
but as I reach for the spoon,
it looks like the queen bee is coming after me

Have no fear, she just wants to try on my ring my dear.
"Miss Bee"

I say,

Would like to wear my ring some day?
No, no not today,

I'm a busy bee
busy making lots of tea.
Is what she says to me.
Well then,

I'll finish my little cup of tea and be off to look for the party games. Yippie!

This honey bee tea tastes so sweet and Divine

somehow, I just don't feel quite right or just fine.
I really feel odd and not like myself.
My head is a flutter and my poor brain feels fatter

Is it all because of the this crazy Mad Hatter?
Hello Mr. Hatter with your silly marbles.

Did you put something in my tea to make my words garbled?

When did you get here?

Do you know that you're late?

And where is that rabbit?

Out on a date?

You should mean what you say and not say someone's mean.

Now let's get on with the games

don't make such a scene.
and be sure to
Self your Help
if you need anything

What does that mean and what have you done?

Is this the beginning or the end of my fun?

Just look at me!

Look at me now!

How can I play party games?

How can I?

A sweet little lady looking as oddly as I,
Says to just play the games and give them a try.

They will not make me cry

and the way I look
she tells me,
won't last very long
of course,
I tell a white lie.
What shall we play?
Who's up for some fun?
Let's have a game of cards, says the Hatter and the Queen plays along.

She wants to play hearts

and the game of hearts is what she will play.

This is the game

the game of the day.

Of course , as we play
she wins,
she's the best!

She's so much better than all of the guests.

After this game more friends just show up.

Here comes one looking for a venetian tea cup.

The lovely Miss Mary Poppins floats in on balloons and as she arrives another guest swoons.

And who could miss this curious bunch.

They are the guests from venice.

They bring their handmade cups of tea
and their fabulous masks from the ports near their sea.
Across the oceans these guests did arrive
through the looking glass
not with the car that they drive.
The Italian clown and his Carnivale players
wish to share a game they play at home with the Venetian Mayor.

It's a game played with food and it's really quite good.

You eat the spaghetti much faster than you normally would.

The Queen just adores their masquerade game.
She plays along and looks the same.
She eats her spaghetti faster than flies.
Of course she wins and it's no surprise.
But how can she win?
She hardly tries.

Oh, no matter even if I don't win,
I do feel much like my old self again.

This day has been odd
this day makes me wonder
if I should be going
and that's what I ponder.

Before I can answer my question within
through the looking glass I see the March Hare popping in

The March Hare pops in
and says with a grin
"Now that I'm here Let the chess games begin!"
So off to the game room all in all,
to play these fine games that we fondly recall.

The table is set by the carnival players with the curious games all piled up in layers.
Upon the game table I spy a small flask
I wonder what's in it
Do I dare ask?

I'll question the players who put on their masks.
I ask them and ask them and put them to task
"Drink that drink upon the table!"
"Drink it all if you are able!"
Oh yes, they do say with a bippity bop,
"It's a delicious red liquid you drink every drop!"
"Drink it all down and don't even stop!"

I reach for that bottle it does so entice
I think I will drink it and then throw the dice

After my sip I speak to the gnome who asks me a question right out of the tome.
The little gnome asks me if Iam keen
to play a chess match against the masquerade queen.

He goes on to tell me that if I do play

he'll move the chess pieces for me on this day
The gnome moving pieces and me
what a team

while the march hare sits and advises the queen

As we play the game I'm not very able
my mind is not sharp, I feel unstable

My thoughts they are muddy
I act very feeble
This all makes me wonder
about that flask on the table.

The gnome and I TRY to play a good game
but that crafty March Hare and Queen win again

They played a good game and the Mad Hatter exclaims,
"A prize she must win for all of her gain!"

"To the Queen I do offer these marbles you see."
"These marbles are magic,
these marbles are free!"
"These marbles I do gift from you unto me."
"I thank you my Queen I thank you for that!"
That Mad Hatters so strange
I think he's a rat!
Before I could say so,
I see the Chesire Cat
"A prize you must give and not then take back!"
"I'm here to give her that which you lack."
"The Queen she deserves a mighty fine prize
not hatters from marbles or silly old lies."
The Queen is so skilled and has lots of brains.
It's announced she's the winner of the early morning games.
We are now lead to the hall of great gifts
and upon this here table is where her gift sits.

a splendid heart box
she opens with care
and looks to see just what is in there
Inside of this heart shaped box she found
another heart box
this one's is more round
so thrilled is the Queen with her lovely heart box,
she opens the other as quick as a fox
"Oh bestill my heart!" that Queen she does say
"This for me
is the greatest day!"
"I love my heart locket,
I love things my way!
I want to know now what next shall we play?"
But before I could even throw in the towel
we hear such a noise
it sounds like a howl.
We all run outside to see who's to blame.
We see Mr. Owl and hear him exclaim,
"Everythings different and nothing's the same
so here is you last chance to go win a game!"
We look all about for the new game to play
and I spot the chesire cat over this way.

The cat he reclines by a mushroom to smoke
he laughs and he smiles and tells me a joke.
The cat he now tells me to try on these slippers.
He says if I do this I'll play so much better.
These silly blue slippers I place on my feet.
I'm hoping at this game that I won't be beat.

So, off to the croquet games we proceed
I do feel clear minded and sharper indeed

I take my mallot and swiftly I play,

much better than the Queen
I surely must say.

The Queen is determined to play without rules
she says those who don't are really just fools.
She swings and she misses the ball. That's a shame!
So now I'm the winner of this croquet game.
That Queen is not skilled at all in croquet
and so just for once on this strange sunny day
I am the winner and that's what they say!
Now, I'm lead to the cage where the blue frog does perch

he announces, we're finally done with our search.
He says these here words then tells me a riddle
he tells me a secret but one that is little.
Your prize it awaits you
it's that precious rose,
that beautiful rose where a miracle grows.
I speak the truth so often in riddles
now go find out why a mini rose giggles.

I'm off to the white cage to claim my great prize.

That rose is so splendid it is no surprise.

I must take a closer look here to see
my sweet lovely rose that I won at the tea.

I notice the top of the cage it is jiggling.

What do I hear,
is that rose really giggling?

Oh, look here
the top it comes off with a snap

I'll awaken my sweet little rose from her nap.

I lift up my rose and the giggles get louder

Oh goodness, oh my, what is this I wonder?
I notice there's something sitting just under.

Well, under the stem of my rose here I find

six sweet hidden babies so gentle kind.

These babies look frightened but they will be fine

These are such sweet babies but they are not mine

These poor little babies they do need a home
or they will be snatched by that silly green gnome

Would you be willing to adopt a baby today?

a baby I won after playing croquet.

I won this here game of croquet. Do you see?
I won the world's greatest prize. Hee, Hee, Hee!
but rather than keep this here prize just for me,
I'll share them with you and not be greedy.

All 6 of these babies each need a home but not the home of that silly green gnome. Each little babe will arrive in a nest a sweet little place where each one can rest.

Please leave a comment here today. These first little babies I must give away!

There are so many more well on the way.
Their mother left so many little eggs just waiting to hatch.
Oh wow, there will be a whole big batch.

oh look here's the Mother, she's saying goodbye. Don't look there too closely, I think she could cry.

She says take good care of my babies, oh please!
I'm off now. I must quickly go back to the Seas.

It's The End of the Mad tea party story but more babies will soon be arriving at my new Etsy shop
along with lots of other goodies.
Please stop by for more information about my new Etsy shop.
Thank You so much for visiting!!!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the lovely tea. What fabulous conversation too! the bees. Would love to adopt one of Mama's babes.

Anonymous said...

OMG This is fantastic! What creativity and talent..Thank you for inspiration!!

Lisa M said...

LOVE the bees! Great party post; I wish I could have stayed longer! Be sure to stop by my blog, I am having a party banner giveaway!

scrowlscrowl said...

So good to see you at the Mad Tea Party; I just love meeting new people...
And I love babies, too :)

Your blog is so inspiring

somepinkflowers said...

oh my goodness!

this is one of the very best
ever in the history
of the world,


i must quickly run
and tell the king!!!


everyone came to your party...
the Queen of Hearts!

~~a tiny green gnome~~

how ever did you get HIM?


you know me,
i am a BIG fan of your roundy people so please enter me...


one of the babies...
born with a little crown!

with such a nice roundy head, too.

i have to go spread the word
of your fine party.

i will return

Anonymous said...

Love your sleeve ruffles. And you have been busy, lots going on. Stop by for tea.

Jenn said...

SQUEAL Debbie!!! You are the best! This post is amazing and beyond fabulous!! YOU have been such a busy bee and I LOVE every single bit of it! Your paintings!? To die for! Your ruffled sleeve and fancy ring!? Fab! And the photos and story!? Inspiring delightfullness:):)

I'm so excited to see the babies have arrived! They are just precious. I would be thrilled to take care of one if I was lucky enough to win:):):)

Happy weekend you lovely tea goddess:) xoxo...jenn

cindy said...

I'm with Miss Bee, would love to borrow your ring. Thank you so for the lovely tea and goodies.


Queen Bean said...

what a fun tea party. visit my tea party for a chance to win a giveaway.deana

Amy Sullivan said...

This tea party is just wonderful! So, kind are you, to take care of our bees. They can be so misunderstood. This was just lovely.

KathrynAntyr said...

I love your table. Buttery yellow -- yummy! Can I spend the night? We could drink tea and have so much fun.

I have some party hats, baubles, and moondancing waiting for you at my tea party. Come take a look!

somepinkflowers said...

i came back
to check to see
if you are giving-a-way
that ruffly sleeve?


i didn't think so,
but it never hurts to be sure
about these things...


{{very nice ruffle,
even if it ISN'T pink}}

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, very lovely tea party!
Very pretty ring!~

rochambeau said...

THis is the most creative of posts Debbie! I've enjoyed coming to your world to take tea! A toast to your creativity an a toast to Vanessa!


hautemommy said...

I just love the little babies.... I would love to take care of one!! :) Your table looks spectacular, perfect for today's soiree!!! xoxoxox! :)

TheMagicBartender said...

Such Attention to every detail!
Beautiful, Thank you!
Happy Mad TEA Party!!
Nice to meet You!

I’m tryin’ to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
Cheers, Sue `*>~[ said...

Me oh my!! Where do I begin! This was spectacular!!! And those sleeeeves!!! I must have them ;) Thank you for such a beautiful magical visit Miss Debbie!! What a lot of loveliness you shared! And that amazing spread!! And all your wonderful characters!!!! I am in love!! xoxo

Cindy Dean said...

Love it! What a great post! You are too funny! I love the bee things as they are one of my favorite things!

Kathy said...

OH MY! Your post itself is a work of art. A magical work of art.

Not to mention all of the glorious pictures, I can't believe how beautiful everything is!

Your creativity is so inspiring.

Thank you for a lovely time!!!

bluemuf said...

What a delightful tale. I just love your artwork and would love to care for the little wee one.

Have a Happy Day

Theresa said...

Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
I have to agree... I love your sleeves, I just wish I could see the rest of the shirt or is it a dress? Either way, you're blog is wonderful. Beautiful tea set and great artwork. I'll so glad I stopped in.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

it has been awhile since i visited and look what i have missed. it takes a tea party to remember to visit... another inspiring visit

Mélanie said...

so much inspiration !!! I love the Bee ...I enjoy the party with you

Bethany said...

Oh WHAT a delightful post... LOve all of the illustrations and fanciful table set up!!!!
Lovely sleeve and blingy ring too....and that Mad Hatter!!! He's too cool!!!

LiLi M. said...

Well what do I have to say? Where do I begin? This is just beyond imagination! I like everything; from your ruffled sleeve til your guests from Venice, from your bees til your mad hatter. Thanks for your hospitality and giving me an unforgettable expirience. Oh and before I forget I would love love love to take care of one of the babies, that is, if she/he is inclined to cross the big pond...
Have a fantastic Sunday!

Chic and Charming said...

So fabulous!! I love Mean Miss Liz

JeriAnn said...

You brought such fabulous guests to the party.

I love Miss Bee. She gave me so many wonderful gardening tips. I wonder whether the Red Queen was jealous of her?

Such wonder and whimsy and dreamy art. It's lovely to meet you.

Melissa said...

What an exhausting day, but a beautiful party!

3rdEyeMuse said...

such a delightful tea - thank you so much for having me (us) ... sorry to arrive so late … we dropped from exhaustion last night, so thought we’d continue the rounds today and offer to help with the clean up duties. feel free to put us to work.

it was nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon! ~M~

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

What a fabulous post. I partied so hard yesterday, I did not get out to meet everyone, so I'm sorry I'm late. I must come back here another day~!

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not too late to the party!! What an amazing post~so many beautiful pieces, my favorites include the Queen of hearts and all of your bees pieces (tell me where you got the bee ring ). I would love to take the tiny one home as the Du Buh Du ladies would love to take care of her!
Off to visit the other guests who've stayed on for the weekend. I'ms erving everyone Mimoma's and/or Sangria!

The Rose Room said...

This has been the absolute best! I love your poem, your photos, your art, your settings, just fabulous! Thank YOu! Rachael

paula clare said...

Pick me! Pick me!
I'm the best home, you see!
My nest is empty,
The kids are away.
I need a wee one to care for...
With whom can I play?
So send the baby home with me
And I'll love her and squeeze her
And again we'll be THREE!

jessica said...

oh such magic. loved every minute of it. what a wonderful story with all the characters.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a fabulous party! The bees are gorgeous. Please come on over and party as we still have plenty to go around.

Irma :)

steviewren said...

Nice party you threw! I like the pictures of your hand, that great sleeve and magic sparkling ring.

Kathryn - collage diva said...

I'm glad you could stop by. I loved visiting your tea party again this morning. What a cool looking glass you have and I just adore Mr. Gnome.

gkgirl said... really put so much
work and effort into this party!
it is beautiful and so
whimsical and fun...
the table setting is gorgeous.


bluemuf said...

Hi Debbie, So glad you stopped by and I'm back again to read the extras added to you fanciful wonderful adventure. What fun! I also went back and read some of your earlier posts. A lovely way to start my day... thank you

Karen (who is now back to her special job as a grandmother)

rochambeau said...

Dear Debbie,
This post is a work of art in so many ways. Thank you for your creative genius! I enjoyed your Tea immensely
SPF sent me the other day,
I tried to visit you many times but the photos were not loading. Just as well, as I got to savor your story today!

Sherry/Cherie said...

What an absolutely fabulous post!! The graphics, the rings, the bees, the mirrors, the Queens and tweedle dee and tweedle dum...all just perfection. Vanessa's party has been so much happy to meet you at the fete!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my gosh Debbie! This was so much fun!!

Dapoppins said...

So many friends you have! You must have been so, so busy! A beautiful setting, i must say, and I am glad your bees are friendly..

I know I am late to visit, but I would be willing to adopt a cute cute baby....

Erin Glee said...

You sure do throw a fantastisal Tea many Guests coming through your Looking Glass! That wee Babe is welcome to come nest at our home~so adorable!

inge said...

That was quite a story ! .. You must have put a lot of time in it ! Your teatable was very beautiful !

... and babies are always welcome...

Inge from Belgium

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fabulous post! Loved it, and I am ready to come to tea.:)
xo Lidy

LW said...

I see I saved the best for last...

a very happy tea this was...


Diana Evans said...

what an amazing post...your photos are amazing!!!! wonderful work Debbie!!!

artistonaharley said...

Hey Zebra
I am not at all surprised at how awesome your tea party was! I love it.
your pal pam

Laura Irrgang said...

Oh my goodness---
You put sooo much effort into this, and it was lovely!
That bee ring will have me buzzing for days. I can tell by your dazzling flouncy cuffs that you must be wonderful. No one wears cuffs like that these days unless they have a very warm heart and a very big imagination.

Roberta said...

This is fabulous!!! Bravo!!!