Friday, March 21, 2008

Tag...You're it and a little giveaway too!

I've been tagged by Leanne from La La La Illustration to list 6 things about myself and also by Jen Rizzo from Sanctuary Arts to list 10 weird things about me. I'm thinking that as a compromise, I'll share 8 things about myself. How does that sound? Is that pretty fair? Then, what I'm suppose to do is tag more people but this time I'm going to tag whoever leaves a comment then you can list 8 weird or non weird things about yourself on your blog if you like. Also, if you leave a comment I will enter you in a drawing for a pair of my greeting cards. I'll randomly pick 5 winners on Monday night. So, please leave a link to your blog, website or email address so that I can be in contact with you. Thanks everyone!

Well here are 8 things about me, some weird and some maybe not so weird.

1. I don't have a favorite food. I like most all food and I like it pretty much equally.

I think.....why should I pick a favorite when there is so much edible goodness out there in the world?

2. I love to drink black tea with cream and sugar.

3. I think coming up with 8 things to share
about me without specific questions is pretty hard. I'm struggling guys!!

4. All right, here's a weird thing. I'm a very visual person. Obviously, right? Well, I have always visualized the days of the week, the months in the year and numbers. Not too weird in my mind but when I ask some people how they see the week, year or numbers from 1-100 they think I'm asking a very strange question. Some people understand the question but others look at me cross eyed. I really can't describe exactly how I see it, but I'll try my best. I see the numbers 1-5 in a row then the numbers 6-10 take a 90 degree turn, the numbers 10-20 go up on an angle the next set of 10 go up on a different angle and then all the other numbers in 10 increments go in different angles all the way to 100. Kind of like a Dr. Suess stairway. After 100 it starts in the same pattern all over again. Is that so weird? I wonder how many of you visualize your numbers. ; I'm thinking that it may be more common in artists or maybe just more common in weirdos. Oh, here is a little family statistic. My Mom, brother and myself all visualize numbers in a similar way and my Dad things we're weird.

5. I'm very easily amused and very easily bored. It's better not to try and understand how that works. I'll just blame my family for this. They are very amusing and I've been spoiled by their entertaining personalities.

6. I was named after a Beatles song. My parents (who come from another land and get everything twisted around in a special kind of way) thought that the Beatles were singing Debbie Lane instead of Penny Lane. So when I was born, the nurse asked my parents this question, "And what would you like to name baby?" My Dad said, "We wanna name the baby Debbie Lane like the Beatles song!" So then the nurse asked my parents how they would like to spell the name Deborah. My mother quickly replied to the nurses question with a firm "NO!" "You name my baby Debbie not Deborah!!! Deborah sounds too much like Zebra!" So, I'm named after a Beatles song and not after a zebra.

7. I told the Penny Lane and the zebra story at my bridal shower and all the ladies laughed about it. Then a couple of months later at our wedding, for the Father/daughter dance, my father and I danced guessed it....Penny Lane. You should have seen it! All of the ladies were giggling and tearing up as they watched us dance and at the same time all of the men looked completely puzzled by the womens reactions to us dancing to a Beatles song. Anyway, I can't tell you how many people tell me that whenever they hear Penny Lane on the radio they think of me. It's a honor to be named after a Beatles song. I feel special!

8. Now I'm going to tell you one last story relating to my name. When my brother and I were kids, my Mom would ask us what we wanted from the grocery store before she would leave on her weekly shopping trip. We ALWAYS replied, "HOSTESSSSS!!! Please buy ho-ho's, twinkies, cupcakes, Hostessssssssssssssss!" She would nod her head as if she understood what we were saying, then she would go on her merry way to the store and be gone for what seemed like decades. At the first sign of my Mother's car, my brother and I would dash out to into the driveway with excitement and start grabbing the bags full of food. We would run back into the house, throw the bags on the table and start digging into them, both of us sure that we would soon be gazing upon our delightful boxes of hostess treats. As we searched and searched for some sign of a ho-ho or twinkie we would be faced with the inevidible discovery that in place of the prized Hostess snacks, my Mother purchaced the evil Little Debbie snack cakes that we despised. We would hold them up and say NOOOOOO MOM!!!!! We want hostess not Little Debbie snack cakes!!! In response to our protests, my mom would look at me with a loving smile and say "But yew arrrr my LEEETTLE Debbie" (You have to imagine her saying that in her Italian accent too)

Well, as you can imagine, my brother and I weren't very happy about this re-occurring Little Debbie situation, but as adults we both think it's hilarious. It's actually one of my favorite stories.

So friends, Little Debbie wishes you all a very Happy Easter!


Kate said...

Hee hee....I love your family! Especially after meeting your mom, I can totally picture her in your stories. Sweet.

Debbie, there is actually a name for the way you describe they was you visualize things. But I cannot remember it now. My friend Paige sees ages and years in if you ask her what color your December 1967 birthday is, she might say BLUE for instance. She sees everything this way. I also know someone who sees people's names in color. So I am Kate....maybe she sees me in red when she sees my name in print. Well, I can only hope so since it is my favorite color and who does not want to be associated with their favorite color? :) I think I have a touch of this way of thinking. I hear music and I see colors in my mind, or dancing abstract images of color. Cool, huh?

Have a great Easter, Debbie!


these are fabulous stories....I love the name one and the hostess story...makes me think of my kids looking for the snacks when I come home from the store. And I visualize the year like a calendar that has a page for each month and is laid out in a vertical row from top to bottom....when we finish December we go back up to the top for January....can you visualize ?? GREAT POST !!!

Holiday Queen said...

How delightful! I may never think of Penny Lane the same. Your cards are SPLENDID!!

a fanciful twist said...

I could totally hear your mom!! Little Debbbieeee!! So precious!!! I looved your things about you!! They were the best I have read in a long time!!
I feel the same about food! Annnnd, also, I am a counter. Only, my counting is in 8's and two seperates for 9 and ten. But it has to do with teeth. My counting method... I know, insane!! yes, it must be creativity!! ;) xo

Diana Evans said...

Hi Debbie....

Oh my how wonderful these tidbits and stories nice to take a peek into your world...I especially love the fact that you were named after a Beatles song...and I could hear you at your shower...and then the Wedding sweet...

but I have to say my favorite is your Mom and the "Leetle Debbie" sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...

Great post!!!


Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Kate, I love my family too. The are definitely one of a kind!! I'm so glad to hear that you and your friends visualize things in an even more interesting way then I do. Now that I think about it, I actually recall reading about this phenomenon in a magazine article years ago. Very interesting isn't it? It must be beautiful when you hear music!!

Hi Nancy, thanks for taking the time to comment! Funny how most kids are alike that way. And I'm so glad to hear that you also visualize the year in a very unique way. I think that I can imagine what you describe.

Hi Holiday Queen, Have I infected your mind with the Penny Lane story? I hope that whenever you hear that song it brings a smile to your face. Thanks for your sweet comments about my little greeting cards!

Hi Vanessa, what an incredible compliment! Thank you!! Glad to hear that you were tickled by my family's stories. It's always nice to hear that I'm not alone in the way that I think and visualize, but your way of visualing numbers sounds way more interesting and creative! It must be due to our creativity. I'm completely convinced of it now. ;)

Hi Diana, I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today, took a peek into my world and enjoyed the visit! The Leetle Debbie story is an absolute favorite of mine. I just think my Mom is too cute for saying that to me every time she bought those darn snacks. I could just imagine her at the grocery store looking at the box and her heart melting and thinking, I'm gonna buy these for my Leetle Debbie. Thanks for stopping by girls!!!!

somepinkflowers said...

i am over here
with a melting heart
over your
beatles story!
so charming
i am sure to think of it
everytime i hear penny*lane
which is often for a beatles-lover
like me!


such a perfect, PERFECT story!

{{{ PS--my sister is named Zebra,
I mean Debra! }}}

bleeding espresso said...

Great tidbits, particularly about your name. Despite popular belief, I was *not* named after the Beatles' song "Michelle"--in fact, my mom (gasp!) hates the Beatles. Go figure as I rather enjoy their stuff ;)

Lisa said...

So nice to read a bit of what makes you tick.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I think there is the misconception that artists aren't good with numbers. My husband , who teaches math, always has me figure out things like tips, etc. because I can visualize numbers and do calculations super fast in my head. I dont see them lined up as you do but I have things divided up into 1-7, 1-10, or 1-12 and use those for quick adding in my head. I also am good at remembering birthdays by knowing what period each zodiac sign falls into and associating that person with the day of week on which they were born.
That's neat you were name after a Beatles song and the story about your mom getting little Debbie's is funny. Hope you had a nice holiday:)

Valerie Lorimer said...

Hey Debbie! I'm still totally charmed and tickled by the Penny Lane story. It's SO charming. Love your Little Debbie's story too.

Leanne said...

Hey Debbie! Great to find out a bit more about you! I'm fascinated by the way you see numbers!! I can't imagine it! When I was little I often used to occupy myself by going through the alphabet listing what colour each one was and what kind of personality they had! It must be a creative thing...I hope!!

Jen r. said...

That's so funny! That sounds like my mom. We'd want Zingers and she'd bring home some other thing that was NOT zingers and we would get sooo mad...I am sure my kids are doing the same thing! :)
Happy Easter to you too Mrs. Little Debbie .. :)
Jen R

annas dreams blog said...

I enjoy very much reading your 8 things about you :).

Jeff said...

Did she ever buy you zebra cakes?

That would have made it complete. :)

Jackie said...

What a funny and cute story...and I can even hear you telling it with your mom's accent :) Cute Cute! Congrats on the gallery event..your things always put a smile on my face! Take care, Jackie

ValGalArt said...

I really enjoyed reading all about you and your family! I loved the Beatles story too! we always loved ding-dongs...