Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Organic Photography

My friend Sebastian and his business partner Craig just recently launched their amazing wedding photography website called Organic Photography

You really have to check it out! The photos are stunning and the site is just absolutely beautiful. If you stop by there, be sure to stay on the home page to see the entire loop of images. Be sure to check out all the galleries as well as Sebastian and Craig's favorite images.

In the main gallery you'll find a wonderful sample of photos and also a gorgeous image of a wedding gown hanging in a rustic European room. It has to be one of my favorites along with an image of a little flower girl resting her face on the counter.

All of the photos have such a relaxed and natural quality to them. I'm sure that it has to do with the fact that Sebastian and his partner are both photojournalists. Their approach to documenting a wedding is quite different from typical wedding photography. They record the unique moments that tell the story of the bride and grooms special day. The images capture the natural emotions and spontaneity of a group of people gathering together to celebrate a lovely and touching event. Stop by their site to learn more about their philosophy to Organic Photography.

So, about a month ago Sebastian stopped by the shop and took some photos for my website and portfolio. A sample of our funfilled photoshoot can be seen in the image below. Seb really captured the essence of my personality in this photo. I really love it! As you can see, he is not only a photographer but a talented artist as well.

Well, it seems like I've been away from the blog forever. I didn't mean to be gone for so long but I've been busily preparing for classes and workshops that ran this week. Also, my poor little Mamma had to stay in the hospital Monday and Tuesday and I went there to spend some time with her and my Dad. She seems much better now that she's home.

So, thanks very much for visiting and if you have time, please stop by tomorrow. I plan to post a little purse that my Grandmother made for me when I was 5. My Mom had it stored away for years and stumbled upon it the other day. She thought that I might like to have it at my house. I was so happy to see it and thought that it would be fun to share this little memory of my childhood with my blog friends. Well, take care and be healthy everyone.


somepinkflowers said...

i clicked on the link to the wedding photography
it made me
want to get married
all over again...


what fun,
these photos show!
who knew getting married
could be so entertainingly
and refreshingly casual!

thanks for sharing...

oh, about the dead battery thing,
i SO hate when that happens...

i keep new batteries in a jar
in my kitchen
and plop them in my pocket
when i walk out the back door.

you would think they were candy
you and i both know
a good camera shot is ALMOST
as good as chocolate...
you know what i mean.

michelle sylvia said...

I can't wait to go to their site!! I have some errands to run this morning, but this afternoon, I will look forward to it.

Your picture is adorable!!! How Fun! I need to get an arsty photo taken of me.

Glad to see you back and that your Mom is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing your purse. :0)


Jen r. said...

Thier photography is really neat.Great pic of you! I am so sorry to hear about you mom, I hope she is feeling better.
Jen R

dec0r8or said...

I love the picture of you and your shop! I wish I lived nearby so I could come check it out! I'm off to check out the wedding photography site.

Jackie said...

Oh man! Many prayers for your mom. I think there's a lot of people in the hospital. I was too...bummer for your mom. Hope she has a speedy recovery. Love the pics and the one of you! Your have an artists soul....enjoy the day! Jackie

Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Pink Flowers girl, aren't those fabulous photos? They make me happy. Well, I definitely should have a stock pile of extra batteries for my camera or just get a new camera all together. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Michelle, You really have to check out their site. It's amazing I tell ya. Well, thanks for your kind words about the photo of me. I just think it's great that he captures so much in an image and thanks for asking about my Mom. She is doing better but seems pretty tired from her ordeal. Sorry about the purse, you can read about what happened in my newest post.

Hi Jen, Thanks for your sweet concern for my Mom. She's doing better. I agree that the photos are neat-0!

Hi Decor8or, Thanks. I wish you lived nearby too. I'm sure we would be fast friends.

Thanks for your prayers Jackie! That means alot to me. Sorry to hear that you were in the hospital too. I hope you are feeling better as well. Thanks for your sweet words. Take care!

ValGalArt said...

You look so darling, that Is a beautiful photo! I'm sorry about your mom and hope that she is feeling better and that your dad is alright too! You have the best taste Debbie!

Debbie Egizio said...

Thanks Valgal! My Mom and Dad are both doing much better now. I really appreciate your concern and your kind words!

Vienna for Beginners said...

I love the environmental portrait of yourself that your friends created! As you can imagine, I share with your enthusiasm for your friends' photography! I hope they find many customers sophisticated enough to appreciate what they are creating.

One Crabapple said...

how wonderful to SEEE YOU !

I so hope your mother is doing better.