Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fashion for the Home and for The Girl

So, here's an apron and some cute shoe's that I'd love to wear in my kitchen while using the funky, colorful spoons from my previous post. Apron from Anthropologie, of course! Shoes from Zappo's.

I've been doing some spring cleaning this week and when I got to the kitchen I thought it would be nice to take some images of my squeaky clean tile and share them on my blog along with some fashion items that I'd love to wear in the spotless environment.
And hears a little history of the kitchen make-over if you're interested.
When my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen, I really wanted something very unique for the back-splash so I started searching high and low for just the right look. I didn't have anything particular in mind, I just thought that I would look until the right tile found me. I went online and in stores and kept finding very ordinary tiles that didn't get me very excited. Then one super fine day, I happened upon these amazing handmade tiles by Dunis Tile company that made me feel joyful and triumphant. I fell completely in love with them at first sight.
I showed the tile to my husband and he said, "They're great, do whatever you want." (License to decorate. I love it!!) So I moved forward with the project and picked 13 different finishes for the field tile. As you can see pictured above, some of the tile are smooth with a slick finish while others have a rough texture and finish. This variety in texture adds a great deal of dimension and interest to the kitchen and I feel that this combination gives the back-splash a bit of an old world feel with a modern twist.
So after picking out the field tile I thought it would be a good idea to find focal tile for this project. I know that typically fruit or vegetable tiles are displayed in a kitchen back-splashes but I guess I'm too unconventional to go with something that expected. I ended up going with accent tiles that were made from hardware items. In the catalog, the accent tiles that I really liked looked like washers and wire mesh and both were displayed in a silver finish. I was told that these are usually displayed in a bathroom or an industrial setting and this fact got me even more excited about the tile. I managed to get them in a red finish to match a border tile that I picked out as well. I just love the industrial feel of these tiles mixed with the old world field tiles. Again, this displays an unexpected combination with a twist on the conventional and that's just the way I like to live.
I'll post the rest of the kitchen pictures later this week.


KLKinFLA said...

Love your blog! Your home and artwork are beautiful! I'm a big fan of color, so I really enjoyed the peek into your colorful world...also noticed that you have "Embellish Your Home" in your book basket. Though I wouldn't consider myself crafty, I had to pick that book up a couple of weeks ago just for the photos of her home.

Have a great weekend!

ValGalArt said...

Really awesome Debbie! I love your taste in fashion, tiles, art, life, kitchens, philosphy and on and on!

Marjojo said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for your positive comment on my (almost) favourite figure! Glad you looked in again.
Those tiles are gorgeous, they are so tactile/3D/a bit wild in how unfinished some of them look. My favourite though has to be the large red one with what I assume is a washers' display - I zoom in on anything red - so I'm also enamoured with your sandals, which I hope you also wear outside of the kitchen.
Spring greetings!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love your tiles! Good for you for doing the unexpected, and getting something exactly like you wanted.

Both the shoes and the apron would look great in your kitchen, too. Lidy

one blue egg said...

Howdy Deb! Great to meet you and wow! I love your place...filled with all of my favorite colors and textures...your kitchen ahhhhhh...and hey I had a pair of shoes like that somewhere..most likely still in a moving box! I'll be back and thanks for adding me:) I've added you too...under good eggs:)

Debbie Egizio said...

Hello everyone. Thanks so much for all of your positive comments. So glad you all stopped by to visit.

thewoodenspool said...

ohhhh me ohhh my, debbie....i loveee your gorgeous kitchen and all the trimmings. You did yourself proud! It's all so gorgeous. I bet you love to cook and just hang out in your kitchen. :)

Debbie Egizio said...

Thanks so much wooden Spool! I do love to cook and hang out in my kitchen. We put your hearts into creating this space and that really makes us appreciate it everyday.